Interview with (((S)))

Today Vox Empirea introduces to its readers the Danish Nils Lassen, performer of the multi-faceted, cryptic solo-project marked as (((S))). The first question I ask yo is rather obvious: it's about your unusual art name and its graphic conformation. Have you chosen the formula (((S))) exclusively to distinguish yourself on the the music scene through an unusual written, or because this logo has a special meaning for you?

> First of all I think that the names only belongs on tombstones! But I was observing myself during the initial phase of this project and I did not want to do what I do or did usually. So when I had to invent a bandname I deliberately chose something without any obvious meaning. I thought it had a modern twist to it because of the parenthesis, and at the same time the letter "S" had a meaning to me about my personal situation, but that's not important right now. Also it would be possible for many people would remember it precisely because they wouldn't know how to pronounce it. And then I found out that Google and all the other searchengines aren't able o find it! Isn't that incredible? In these ages of big survaillence, that I'm ungoogable! To me that's an asset.

You have been defined as a "chameleonic artist", able to adapt his songwriting talents to a big variety of alternative musical genres. In which specific style, however, you move with greater ease?

> Dunno...maybe it's up to you to find it out!

Biographically you're very reserved, in fact we don't know anything about Nils as artist previously the project (((S))). Would you open a crack in the wall of mystery around you describing us a summary of your musical profile starting from its origins until nowadays?

> No!

Your discography counts a total of three full-lenghts and one EP. Let's talk about your debut album "Ghost" of 2009, stylistically darkwave oriented. Which have been the reactions and the feelings of the public regarding this first release? And also, what was the concept that inspired the debut tracklist?

> Releasing "Ghost" was a very overwhelming experience for me. All the positive reactions obtained made me feel like I was coming home. The best story to explain how it was at the time is this one, that's the true story: I was sitting in Texas at Christmas time 2009, due to certain coincidences I was feeling more lonely than the loniest cowboysong you know, and I know you know some pretty lonely ones! It was the eve before Christmas and I didn't know anyone in that town. Why, why, why did I go there?? And then I got a mail from my record company communicating that "Ghost" was announced as the worlds best cd of 2009 by the English music critic Mick Mercer, who by the way isn't "Mr Nobody" in his area. So it was kinda strange being trapped there and being on top of the world at the same time.

What differences exist between "Ghost" and the second album "Phantom" released in 2010? Are these two chapters independent one from each other?

> At that time both titles were part of the same record to me. I thought it would end up as a trilogy with a third one called "Soul", but I was so restless...maybe did I made a mistake? I dunno...

And finally, there is a direct or indirect relationship that unites those two works with your latest album "The Moon Is My Sun"?

> ...the same singer? The same approach to darkness?

As I have amply illustrated in the review of your new release, in many of its tracks they live so absolutely clear the legendary post-punk sound of New Order combined to your personal vision of the synthpop concept. What special impetus has suggested you this idea?

> Hmmmmm. I'm always limited regarding my production budgets and this is what was possible at that time. And that's ok cause I think that you always need to have some sort of concept around your own music work, whether material or spiritual. And the music was more important than the budget, as always, so the idea of synthpop seemed apt. And also, the fact that I have never tried to play synthpop music before made it all very attractive too. (((S))) must never stay to long in the same setting. Rule number one!

How did you recruit the additional-vocalist Marie and guitarist Paul Gnu?

> Paul Gnu is an old friend of mine that I always can rely on, although he may not be considered the most skilled musician: always use old friends! Regarding Marie, she was just popping up in my sphere at the time of recording, so of course she should be a part of the record: always use new energy revitalizing the old!

Do you think that Denmark possesses a strong receptivity to the independent music scene, or the strong power of the commercial sound does not give, especially among the younger generation, the opportunity to contact other sounds different from the mainstream?

> Musically Denmark is utterly boring: lots of wasted talents and unimaginable minds are confined into a homemarket totally polarized. Over and out!

Returning to you, during the conception of your music are you more inspired by the objective and specific elements observed in the everyday life, or your compositional fantasy relies on the surreal aspects taken from the emotional sphere?

> Unfortunately now I'm working in somewhere taken only from the emotional sphere, cause my ambition intellectually is to stage the songs like they were small operas, theater plays or films. So there's an everlasting battle within me to make sure that these extremes meet...

With which criteria did you choose the label Afmusic for the release of your creations?

> They were the first label I asked. How difficult is to have one!?

(((S))) is a unit destined to remain a single-project or you might consider, sooner or later, to widen your platform uniting to other musicians to form a definitive band?

> I will never be a band!! I consider (((S))) my own creature where all my secret dreams can come through - but someday I expect to take a band on the road, but only to show some respect for my songs. They deserve better. But don't like too much the idea, you know well that I like to stay alone and in the shadow.

After you've ranged among various musical genres, which will be the next sonic dimension visited by (((S)))? What future are you planning for your project?

> At the moment I'm totally into a classic big rock sound, whatever that is. But this obsession could be over any day..but actually I'm planning to record four or five songs with a live band in the studio. Just to see how it all works out.

Nils, it was nice interviewing you. Thank you for your attention given to Vox Empirea: would you salute everyone in particular?

> Certainly. Hail Paul Gnu, always there for me!!

* (by Maxymox 2012)