Interview to Ambiguous

Today is with us the slovak artist Igor Senigla of the project called Ambiguous. A very warm welcome to you from me and all the Vox Empirea's readers!

> Hi Max. I am extremely pleased that you contacted me so that I can bring your readers closer to know my personality and also my work.

Igor, why did you choose to express your music through a form of sound so disembodied as the dark-ambient?

> For many years I thought of making music, and after some initial experiments, I concluded that this particular style is closest to me and I can fully present my feelings and the mood that I am enjoying. Each song that I create always has a piece of me.

In parallel to your platform Ambiguous, you impersonated another identity named Ish. Which are the differences or the similarities that unite or divide both?

> My second project Ish is actually sort of a continuation from my previous work and experimentation in other realms of electronic music. The tracks are a mix of ambient and IDM and similarly like on Ambiguous, I try to always express something so that each piece I create has its own video creation. I think Ish is musically less demanding and finds its way to the less interested listeners unlike Ambiguous which is designed especially for people who prefer the darker corners of the music.

Did Ish released only the self-produced album "Inward Grip", or there are other creations made under this name?

> Yes, for the time being the earth’s sun has seen only one edition of ISH. As you write, it was actually only an edition made for friends and acquaintances on CD + DVD. However, currently I am working on new material that will again appear to be shifted slightly in a different direction than "Inward Grip". While it is just all in the development stage, we will wait and see what happens next.

During my longer work as reviewer and interviewer, I noticed an incredible ferment from many East-European artists who are dedicated to the genre dark-ambient. Do you find that this style also reflects a specific situation in your geography?

> This I cannot judge. The situation is difficult all over the world but it will definitively have some connection. Some 80 happy years have gone by. Personally, I hardly watch the media and most of the time I try to spend time with my wife in the heart of nature where I draw inspiration for my creations.Honestly, mankind is inevitably rushing to destruction and no redemption is waiting at the end of the road...

How do you get to the label Aliens Production?

> I know Ryby from Aliens Production since many years from various events and concerts where we met. Since I am the type of person who prefers not to be very visible, I never gave them my material. Actually, it was all arranged by my wife who send them some of my material without my knowledge ?. After that it began to gain momentum...

From the analysis of your recordings and in particular of your latest album "Stone Cross", there are striking reminders to the obscure backgrounds by Cold Meat Industry. it clearly suggests that you are a great observer of this historic label...

> It can be said that music ensembles which are grouped under that label continue to influence me. I think the biggest share of this is from Desiderii Marginis and his excellent album "Deadbeat" which I consider to be best dark ambient CD. Obviously, however, I try to give my work my own signature and not just merely copy my favorite arrangements.

Speaking again about "Stone Cross", this release was issued in 2009 from yourself as an independent production. Later, it was republished by the label founded by the mastermind Ryby. In your opinion, what were the motives that led Aliens Production to accept and relaunch your record?

> As I said, my wife gave Ryby some musical material, and then we have quickly agreed to release my CD "Stone Cross" which I actually put into circulation as a CD in late 2009 so it was all relatively new material. Indeed I am extremely pleased with how Ryby was excited about my work and how they professionally arranged all aspects of the publication. They are a very big musical enthusiast and I am very pleased that it has developed in this direction.

Do you often play live? Do you really perceive a high degree of involvement in the public when you wrap them by your sound? Which are your favorite locations?

> Well I have had only one live performance in Slovakia with which I am extremely happy. Everything went as I imagined and it was also confirmed by the reaction of the audience reaction and feedback in a variety of e-magazines has been very positive. I hope that I will have even more impressive and fulfilling evenings outside of the borders of our country.

Which instruments do you employ to create your music?

> Personally, I rather prefer hardware to software tools. I use a computer to compose and finalize recordings. Otherwise, I have a few tools such as Access Virus C, Roland MC808, Roland Juno D, Korg Micro X. This approach I have tried to take even during the live performances, so I had no laptop but everything was produced from the tools I brought which were appreciated by all...

Are you satisfied about your visibility in the circuit around the alternative music webzines, or do you believe that they occupy too absently of the artists belonging to the dark-ambient sector?

> I am glad the webzines are including startup projects because there are emerging on the scene more and more interesting musicians who have something to offer. Every interest in my work makes me really happy and I really appreciate it. I know that this scene will always revolve around the big names but there is no need to be in a position that only those bands are good and that what they produce is always the best.

Well, Igor, it was truly interesting to entertain you in this space here on Vox Empirea. Now it awaits you the rite of the dedication addressed to all readers of this interview!

> Thank you Max for your interest and time. I wish you and Vox Empirea a lot of success in further work “Do Not Leave Yourself!”. Igor aka Ish.

* (by Maxymox 2012)