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Vox empyrea is pleased to welcome into his interviews section Salvatore Piccione, front man of Taranto Karma In Auge, also represented by Mimmo Frioli and John D'Elia. Thank you for accepting this interview, which will certainly help you learn more from our audience!

> Thank you, Max for the opportunity and say hello to all readers.

As a band you are officially operational since 2006. Before that year in which areas have evolved your respective musical inclinations. In what specific occasion you have decided to plan the project and what your current ambitions? What is the exact meaning of your name?

> When we formed in 2006 we had no particular purpose, there was only interested in playing and having fun. Mimmo (the drummer) came from other experiences in metal more than anything else, but for me (Salvatore), and John was the first experience in a band. Over time we have grown, we have combined our influences and from there we pointed straight towards the realization of the first EP. Regarding the name, is a reinforcement of the concept of karma fully experience the present in a specific and individual predestination. Over time we will understand with what results.

The music created is a hybrid between indie-rock, and dark wave. In what exact percentage suddividereste these two elements by referring to your style?

> I would say that conceptually we are a rock band, attentive to all facets of the genre. If it is a specific reference to our EP "Memoirs missing", then yes, it is an exact mix of rock, new wave and dark.

One of my personal account: by listening to "Vision", for example, recepisco influences and rhythmic structures from Killing Joke and some imprinted on care, especially among guitar sections. In a final, while maintaining a well defined your identity, what are the historical rearguard followers?

> Joy Division are the group that I enjoyed most of the time. Maybe the songs evoke a bit of Ep 'that season, including the Italian one. Some have compared the diaphragm and to the earliest Litfiba. We are pleased, but in reality I think the real soul of the KIA will be recognized only after our first album, released in 2012.

What are the predominant topics of your lyrics? Which of the three rod the lyrics and who suits the sound structures? By what criteria?

> I'll take care of writing lyrics, and very often the arrangements and rhythmic structure. In other cases, however, propose an idea in the rehearsal room and you build everything around that idea. It is an approach that allows me to have more freedom then adapting the texts to music, I think is the most difficult and least immediate of composition. As for content, but we do not treat specific themes aim of a more fitting symbol of images, from which everyone can come up with your own interpretations.

The sounds generated by Karma In Auge show a marked preference to the use of acoustic instruments, allowing only the electronics sector for the programming. All this according to what result?

> More than acoustic instruments, you mean that we favor the use of the traditional formula "guitar-bass-drums." Yes, that's true, because we started playing well. The addition of synths and electronic elements in our sound idea has matured over time, which we used in the recordings but that does not have a role in "physical" in live.

In a hypothetical future improvement of your songs, whether it could contribute to the aid of a solid segment for keyboard?

> Right now we are finishing and honing the arrangements of the pieces that will make the next album, adding the scores of synth and handling the details. So has an important role in the completion of the tracks. The real thing to be evaluated (as I said before) if you give him an active and physical well live.

The band's debut came in 2010 with the EP "Memoirs dispersed." Complete a hard "visible", you know, involves a close concatenation of fundamental processes including a nearly perfect interplay between the members of the line-up, valuable technical support during the registration / distribution and, last but not least, a budget proportionate to the purpose of the work. Also add the component of "luck". For now, think that the result obtained after the publication of the certificate has fully fulfilled your expectations? Are you convinced that all the factors listed above have interacted positively in the drafting of the ep?

> Let's say that the EP was a test. Expectations, if anything, were born later. That experience has matured us, made us realize what we really want and gave us the impetus to do better and bolder. The recording budget, the contribution of a label are all key elements for a successful project. To this I would add, especially having the chance to play a lot and everywhere. I think this is the ultimate, the best side and a satisfactory group. I do not think the concept of luck. I think give the best in what you do to help create the right opportunities.

tracks "Borderline" and "Vision" has been recognized as worthy of evidence, as to be now included in two different compilations. You can talk in detail about this satisfactory achievement?

> "Borderline" was included in a compilation of the monthly webzine Shiver, always close and attentive to the new realities homegrown. "Vision", however, is part of the compilation "Sparkles in the Dark" promoted by Darkitalia. These are small awards, which is a great pleasure to receive.

not now ask the most current information about your upcoming album and waited! Self or bookkeeping in a label? The title is a special "top secret"? What should we expect from his audience?

> In the coming months we will enter the studio to realize the work of these two years. Honestly, we can not wait. We have a clear idea of ​​the songs and hope to get the most out of recordings. Regarding the production, I think our project is worth at least a co-production. We have no great pretensions, it is enough to support a label that believes in us and ideally humanely. We have contacts but does not reveal anything, as the album title. What to expect from listening? It's our first real job full, so we are actually waiting for answers.

articulates your business live today? What are the most ideal locations to host your music? What assessment assigned to the receptivity shown by the audience in regard to the staged and choreographed to the sound to them?

> We still have a couple of live, then we will stop for the recordings and then'll do with the dates of promotion. We say that we are a group choreography. We like the idea of ​​dry rock, direct and sincere. That's what we want to convey and we hope that this pleases the people. We are not phenomena, but we are not even plastic.

Note a progressive
affezionamento against Karma In Auge from the fans? What are the mistakes to avoid and that the public would never forgive a band?

> I do not know whether it is appropriate to speak of fans. We have a following of people of our area now and some loyal fans scattered here and there in Italy who have shown their appreciation for our project. We hope that this will grow.

At what age do you move the target audience of the band?

> c'abbiamo honestly not noticed. Many who love or have experienced the era of the '80s new wave is attached to our sound. But it would be a mistake exchange for a band that tries to recreate those sounds. The album will give indications in this sense.

How do you judge the contemporary interest and the degree of knowledge of the South Italy, Apulia in particular, against the alternative music scene?

> This is a good question that deserves a wider consideration, but I try to summarize my thoughts by saying that Puglia is alive from this point of view, despite all the difficulties that we know and relate to the choice of doing a certain type music. There are important realities affecting band, associations, small and local labels who often work in the shadows, but that has nothing to envy to others in terms of professionalism and quality. For another, the idea did not find it constructive to pursue a project in which it is widely believed as he is disappointed of their context or, worse still indifferent. If growing attention in our country, growing all the small companies that comprise it. I do not invent anything, so always. And a little 'healthy idealism (active) never hurts.

A dream you consider feasible and another that considered absolutely utopian. What?

> The hope is to see growth in our project, to play as much as possible, to participate in important events, and stimulating to meet people. The great dream or utopia for the moment leave aside. We will continue to proceed in stages as we have always done.

I appreciate your willingness and this exciting opportunity aimed at furthering understanding of the platform, Karma In Auge. I ask you now to leave a symbolic dedication to all the many readers of Vox empyrean ...

> Happy to have made up your knowledge and dedicated to us this interview. Ask the readers to follow us: it will (hopefully) a year full of news, from the album. We leave our link: / karmainauge and / karmainauge. Thanks and greetings to all!

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