Interview with Legionarii

Character inspired and mysterious whose identity remains hidden, emerging artist of great repute in the martial/industrial/ambient scene, faithfully devoted to his cultural and spiritual roots as well as disciple of the ancient, glorious, totalitarian values: Vox Empirea has today in its interviews section I.L. alias Legionarii, who I call call "Son of Europe." Welcome with us!

> Thank you for your strong words of glorification and praise. I am honored to see that Legionarii has touched into the hearts of so many people and is viewed upon as a rising force of spiritual rebirth of Europe. And I must add that we are all Sons of Europe, no matter where we are – as long as we share the primeval bond with our Mother.

I.L., what does wrong in this part of our globalized world, and which remedies do you think are necessary to restore the social, economic, political order? And, most importantly, how can we switch on again in ourselves the sense of belonging to the Europe?

> First of all, as we all know, Europe, or people and civilizations that we now call European, but are much more ancient and have much older name, is the cradle of modern civilization. Now, scholars will of course jump on that statement and say that, for example, ancient Sumer or Babylon, or Egypt is the cradle of our civilization, and that they colonized Europe, or at least had influence on Europe, if nothing else. While these civilizations are said to be much older than European, I think that the whole concept is put on the wrong terrain. If we can agree that most of the mainstream history is a big LIE, and I’m not talking about primitive manipulations of some facts and certain distortion or misinterpretation of historical events and testaments – I am talking about the complete imagined history, with total cover-up of great magnitudes, then it will be a lot easier to put forth arguments like these. I don’t have time and space here to go deeper into that matter here, but there is a lot of material on this matter and a lot of researchers are, to their own surprise, finding out that the entire history that we’ve been tought is wrong to say the least. And I am talking about this because here is where we will find our own demise and the reason of our own misfortune, especially we, children of Europe, who believe that humanity originated in Africa, then spread to Asia and from there to Europe. This is all based on heavy manipulation of facts, serving to confuse genuine European people and strip them off their identity. Of course, no American can be happier living in USA than in Europe, and the argument stands for them also. Our entire history has been falsified and our true origins and spirit has been eclipsed by this hidden force, operating behind our backs. And concerning this I must say one important thing here. Many think that when I say “hidden force” or “enemy” or “elite” I automatically and by inertion mean on Zionists, Freemasons and what not, terms that many of people today use and take for granted, especially people that see Legionarii as close to them. I must break these illusions and say that this is one very primitive way to look upon the things. This scheme goes way beyond those terms denoting certain groups of people, and in many areas of the problem this is an incorrect and misled view and way of thinking. This is in a way an agenda from this same elite, and again a mean to dilute and hide the real truth, letting the masses play with terms such as those I mentioned. Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t some form of truth in that way of thinking, but people need to realize that this plan is operated by forces much higher and more ancient, more elusive and unknowable than those “secret societies” mentioned in works of fiction like “DaVinci Code” or some other examples of popularization of occult like that. It goes way beyond that. So, what is wrong with Europe? Only that it’s people are misled to believe this and that, while the truth is being very well hidden from them. Thinking is very limited and hypocrisy reigns supreme. The same elite that is introducing laws for ‘political correctness’ or against ‘discrimination’ are the very ones who are aware of their origins and who are united in blood and spirit, separating themselves from the rest of mankind. As far as they are concerned, they are the masters and we are slaves, and laws are for us, not for them. And the best slave is the one that doesn’t know that he’s a slave! People may think that laws of political correctness are for their own good, but in fact, things are totally opposite – while introducing ‘tolerance’ and ‘love’ for outside cultures, and forcing the mixing of people with different religions, cultures, values (which automatically means annihilation of their own cultures of course), people are made into one large herd of same sheep, with no difference between themselves, easer to control. It is just by mere logic that we can see what is going on. If a shepherd has a flock of sheep and every one of them has different personality, so to say, or if there are different groups of sheep in his flock that behave differently or on their own, he will obviously have much difficulties in controlling them and make his way with them, because he will have to devise a mean for every group of the sheep separatedly. But if they are all the same, and furthermore if they are docile and obedient, thinking he is feeding them and taking care of them for their own good (while he will later take them to the slaughter) – he will very easy control them and make his way with the flock. What we need to do and what is the most important thing to do, is to realize that we are the sheep that are constantly being dumbed down and that eventually, we are heading to the slaughter. The elite in power doesn’t really care about ‘political correctness’. They devised this term to make every citizen ‘police-ing’ on other citizen – we monitor ourselves for ‘bad words, we all become the same, we all have fear of social judgement for saying this and thinking that. You have communists and anticommunists, fascist and antifascists, pro-this, anti-that… Every person is concerned with some other person’s talk, look, thinking, standpoints, actions, jugding them because someone said they can be judged, because someone dubbed certain forms of behavior as politically correct or incorrect, while the elite sit back and relax, rubbing their hands, harvesting the wisdom of universe and revealing the mysteries of life for themselves. And when people awake on that fact, and start asking questions about themselves first, not just following the one in front of them, everything will later come into it’s place. We must awake our inner spirit and reconnect with our outer spirit found in nature. When the spirit is awaken, the spirit is free.

So, does your specific musical orientation express better than any other kind your beliefs? On what basis did you decide to entrust your message to this particular style?

> I think that sound and music are very powerful tools to transmit certain spiritual, emotional, even physical states and energies to people. Music is the greatest creation of mankind, and we don’t need to stress out its importance in the lives of people. And we also see that the ones who are in power use music as one of their main channels of ‘molding’ the people into shapes that they want. If you think that certain genres and styles of music, like dance, techno, RnB and Hip-Hop (which is the most dangerous of all), and certain artists that are just "accidentally" here and that the music somehow naturally evolved and created these phenomenons becaue ‘people want it’ – you are in the state of great delusion. Majority of music industry is here as a mean to dumb and brainwash the people, and is used with no mercy on out sensitive brains, and much of its particular styles were created on purpose and have just those functions I mentioned. True art and creativity through musical expression have literally nothing to do with it, nothing at all. So why not use their own tool in our benefit? Of course, I’m not saying that we brainwash now from our side, but we must realize and comprehend the weapon that is used against us and use it to defend ourselves.

Triumph, pathos, drama, belligerence...about the way you create the martial sound, which are the best elements that best enhance your concepts?

> One thing that Legionarii tries to accomplish is to achieve the ultimate martial, militaristic sound, from one side, and epic, heroic and monumental sound from the other. I always try to emphasize that the essence of martial industrial/martial ambient is in the very word ‘martial’ – it should provoke the feelings of war and battle in the first place, and feelings of inner power above all. So, when someone who doesn’t know what martial music is, or has never listened something like that before, takes something that is defined as ‘martial industrial’, he should immediatelly feel the power of war, and he alone should come to conclusion, and declare that for example ‘this music is the music of war and power’. Unfortunately, my experience with most of the martial music was that I didn’t had that feeling for myself. For example, I take something to listen and it sounds as it sounds, and later I see that the artists put his music into ‘martial industrial’ which surprised me. Most of the material out there is bleak, undefined and melodic, not having any connections with true militaristic sound, as far as I’m concerned. Of course, not every melodic sound is automatically ‘not martial’, but I somehow got the impression that music in this area has gone too far into melody and symphony, concerning some abstract themes that everyone can read as they want. Generally, I perceived the scene as somewhat weak (honor to the exceptions, of course) and diffused. If you define your music as martial, then it should be strong, powerful, crushing, somewhat dark, but in the same time heroic and liberating, and that is what I always have in mind when I create music for Legionarii. I always put emphasis on warrior culture of mankind, discipline of spirit and its development, strength of human character, heroism and many other things which I think are the essence of martial way. Of course, this is my point of view and I’m not trying to denigrate the scene or some particular artists. But if nothing else, the message of Legionarii that should be acknowledged is that martial music must get back to be just what, in essence it is – martial!

Ideologically you are also near to the thought of Baron Julius Evola, whose principles you share many aspects. In which measurement he has influenced your reasons and what many of its dogmas revive in your music?

It is interesting that this author did not had as much as influence on Legionarii as were some other areas of thinkings and that my own views actually coincided with some views of certain authors. I am a ‘holistic’ person, so to say, so I don’t hold on to the specific names and dogmas, rather I accept and take what I find close to my own, in great measure already formed beliefs and predispositions, creating a ‘mix’ of my own shape in my own mind. For example, even before I read some writings of Evola, I was concerned with the problem of ‘demasculinization’ and the rising of female ‘cult’ so to say, in humanity, and that traditional and old values are being put behind. And later I found out that many authors, including Evola, have similar meanings and have been occupied with those problems long before we were born. But soon I realized that the traditional values and ancient ways of life are not really being put aside – they are just put aside for us, the enslaved part of humanity so that we feel that the world is just as we are told it is, empty and devoid od deeper meanings. And that we need to realize that the ways of the Old are just plain dumb and childish, so we better stick to ‘scientific’ facts presented by the ruling power. In fact, they know very well that the Ancients were far more advanced than they tell us, and they preserve their wisdom selfishly for themselves, following their sacred teachings. So in a way, the way of Tradition and the Ancient cults are always with us, it’s just that we’re forbidden to participate in all that magic because we are needed as dumb slaves that must have simplicistic, shallow world view. It is the highest level of hypocrisy. And we will not be very good slaves if don’t view the world as material and strive for material things, or worship their Gods. Our only God should be money, and if we know the other Gods and their powers, we will soon turn our backs to the God called money, thus escaping their deadly grasp. That is what they certainly don’t want to happen, so they keep us in dark so that we do what they want us to do.

"Europe Rex", your debut published in 2012 reviewed by Vox Empirea too, is a spiritually evocative album full of obscure symphonies and militaristic sounds. Could you define item a work that is able to interpret fully and passionately your own foundations?

While ‘Europa Rex’ was my first attempt to evoke the emotions of war and to transfer the power and energy to musical spheres and I perceive it as a powerful release, I must say that it does not fully encompasses my own worldview and it is certainly not a complete overview of my spiritual and mental state which I want to transfer. But that’s what the other albums are for! In fact, every Legionarii release, even though they are very connected with each other, has it’s own message and dimension, it’s own spirit. ‘Europa Rex’ is a generally ‘dark’ release, full of dark energy (which is a very different term from the ‘negative’ energy), and it’s theme and spirit is strive for the ultimate rule of Europe – thus the title means “King of Europe”, translated to English. It speaks of Europe torn by wars, by different sides, each striving to achieve domination in one way or another, but is specifically dealing with rise (and fall) of one aspect, and that is masculine, warrior figure in human consciousness. A revival of warrior archetype, so to speak. So, it tells about a specific period of time and it tries to channel the energies of power and war to the listener, along with the gloomy feeling of darkness and destruction – all projected through a spirit of glorification of leadership and fight for beliefs, with the intention to keep the archetype in the heads of people before they fall into the endless void of degradation, caused by blatant and superficial feminization of society.

* (by Maxymox 2012)