In this section you can contact the webmaster Maxymox and ask him for a
review of your release.
Click the link and send an e-mail.

I personally guarantee that all the material received will be heard fully and in detail. Its review will be processed using the style "track by track", method chosen by Maxymox to ensure at the reader an accurate description of the product.

  1. I note that in my reviews will be considered only the physical CD format: NO mp3 downloading
    NO vinyl / no live-versions.

  2. Vox Empirea will not review any CD from genres different than those described in the link "Objective".

  3. The promotional material I received will be placed chronologically in the database and reviewed respecting the
    technical times of processing and publication which will change periodically.

  4. All the promotional material received will not be returned. It will have as its sole purpose the creation of reviews for Vox Empirea webzine: there will be NO other use for all the promotional material as
    well I described here.

  5. It is also allowed insert your publicity advertisements, prior direct contact to the webmaster Maxymox.

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