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Interview with Arkane

Vox Empirea interviews today the Hellenic solo-project called Arkane, starring by ArkanuX. It's an honor to have you with us!
> Dark regards Vox Empirea, this is Arkanum-X of Arkane www.myspace.com/xarkanex
As the music you create, even your identity is surrounded by an aura of mystery: the biographical notes about you are almost nonexistent. Can you reveal us more precise details about Arkane, its past and its current artistic profile?
> Arkane commenced its musical procedure in 2000 by the name xARKANEx and released Arcane Elitism in 2002. This had been a period of deep experimentation which has lasted until now. I can't condone the Arcane Elitism and "Enraptured Serene Mesmerism" because they are both parts of my musical history,but this is what I have always dreamed of and will be presented with the release of "Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction" in 2012, Indeed mystery is all evident on Arkane Art. After all that what I stand out for..
Your sound is a mixture of dark, ambient and neo-classicism. Is it your personal vision of the life? If yes, which factors in the everyday life most influenced your creations?
> Im part of the Neoclassical movement as the projects Dead Can Dance (Old) , Elijah's Mantle, Arcana , The Protagonist,Chaostar , Elend. But I would prefer to call my music Mesmerising Seductive Art. I'm heavily influenced by artists and soundtracks like Woijchiech Killar (Ninth Gate), Hans Zimmer (Da Vinci Code),Elliot Goldenthal( Interview With A vampire) ,James Horner (Troy), Danny Elfman. (Sleepy Hollow). Arkane has its own distinctive sound and concept which emphasises on the Mesmeric. I'm the only project world wide in which female operatic voices are so dominant and play the basic role in each and every composition. There is nothing anymore that Influences me on everyday life. Everyday's life in Athens is like the Bells Of Acheron have struck and the days of the Apocalypse draw near. Or is this my influence at the end of the day?
You come from a land rich of history, art and traditions. What feedback has your music in Greece? Do you note particular difficulties in proposing a sound so unique as your, or in your country there is a sufficient number of people who knows and appreciate your repertoire? You said, with reason, that your music is not extended to a large audience.
> Only difficulties can you get here which results basically in a great amount of loss, but Arkane is Art and Art refers to the "Elite", not for the masses anyway. I prefer it this way too: quality over quantity!
What about out of the Greek's limits? Are you satisfied about the response of the international public?
> The response has been enthusiastic everywhere, of course only in the underground circles as i mentioned before. Arkane's music is indeed unique, it has a strong character and goes beyond trends, markets, compromises. It's music coming out from the abyss of my darkest soul.
I would like to know how borns a typical Arkane's song. Do you plan by yourself the lyrics, music and the whole technique section, or you are supported from the collaboration of other external elements??
> Step by step, I compose The basic riff of each track then trying to built it up with connecting riffs and passages onwards to the end. It's a complicating procedure which gets finalised in the studio. I only get the basic structure at home and I never stop fixing it in the studio until I'm totally satisfied. Usually the title comes first.
Your debut album of 2008 "Enraptured Serene Mesmerism" has received many good reviews from both, critics and audiences, being it imbued by great charm and neoclassical elements, a great deal of effect as mesmerist, eroticism, mysticism and seduction through masks. Which strategies you used to adapt those music to such several topics?
> Theres no strategy. Arkane is art, Arkane is a whole artistic Concept which includes music, writings, photos, all enclosed in an envelope of mesmerism, eroticism, seduction, mystique.
More specifically, what nature is hidden behind the artificial faces you wear? How is borned this desire to hide your mind through a mask?
> I'm a human being like everbody else, Arkane though Is out Of this world. Thats why I chose To have a certain image which refers to the Arcane Venetian Masquerada. This eerie arcane unearthly feeling Of mystery fascinates me.
Who is the woman near your side? What role she involved in the project Arkane?
> There is no woman. Arkane is solely me, Arkanum-X, mastermind, arrangements and orchestrations, recitations, seductive propaganda, aesthetics concept.
A new release is coming. What can we expect from this next work? Can you describe it to us in detail?
> Mesmeric Masqurade Seduction shall see the light of release on the first day of January 2012,according to the schedule.I have worked really hard on this album in order to accomplish perfection,stigmatized by a professional and more sophisticated musical and artistic concept, Arkane manages to stimulate the mesmerizing aesthetics of seduction.The new material is a concept album, it is a musical and aesthetic concept based on the "Mesmerism of Masquerade Seduction" in ten parts. All music has a similar,almost complulsive common song structure with intense atmosphere that delivers profound sentiments of Seductive Mesmerising Art, thus driving the listener to an ecstatic mesmerising trance, alluring Seducement! "Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction" shall be my ultimate masterpiece,the epitome of my artistic perfection...This second Arkane album , I regard it as my real debut ,due to the fact that "Enraptured Serene Mesmerism" was only 39 minutes long and also because after 11 years of deep c oncentration and profound research,I have finally got to discover the real sound that I have always dreamt of..It is not a very different perspective from Enraptured Serene Mesmerism ,yet it's most completed,sophisticated and mature...It's Pure Mesmerising Seductive Art In 10 Parts. Profound Neoclassical soundtrack-ish Mesmerism connected with operatic female vocals in addition to some Anatolian Mysticism touches in them. So as far as I'm concerned this is a vast evolution to Arkane sound, visions, aesthetics and concept! Yes, Arkane is not solely musical,it's artistic. The pictures from prominent artists that I use on Arkane's Myspace and Facebook can totally depict my new material. The Artistic Mesmerising Seductive concept is how Arkane sounds. It is Music that allures you and yet you cannot resist but be mesmerised.
In your opinion, the style of an artist must necessarily follow a course over the years without too many changes, or it is essential to the long-distance a change that makes his music less predictable?
> Depends on the artist. Music must be perfect, thats my number one rule. Perfection or nothing.
Do you think your new album will be supported by live events?
> Once again not.
From what I sense, you compose and perform music for pure love, without aiming at stratospheric goals. Is this a decision taken on the basis of a genre difficult to place in the charts, or you believe that a small group of loyal listeners is preferable to a bigger audience, but more easily influenced and inconstant ?
> I want my music to be heard as much as possible, but however I know well I will never be famous, common! I'm an indipendent artist doing it all myself without any support from labels etc. I'm almost 39 now, I grew up doing this for more than ten years now getting faithfull to my ideals and visions. But this is how far it can go, I have no big expectations however.
Waiting to hear and review your newcoming album I thank you, ArkanuX for the conversation. Now, as a rite of Vox Empyrean, I invite you to issue a sentence to our readers, some words.
> Thank you so much for the support. Listen to Arkane music on www.myspace.com/xarkanex. Exclusively -
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