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interviews Zynic

H.P. Siemandel, aka Zynic, is a valuable member of the German electro scene: Welcome to the Vox Empirea's webpages!
>Thanks for having me!
First question: how do you rate the interest of the specialized information in the Zynic's music and, more generally, regarding the European electro music scene? Are you satisfied about the competence and objectivity shown by the media?
> Zynic has had an amazing start, the reactions from electro fans and relevant media were very good so far and i hope they will like the new material as much as i do.
You are musically active since 2008 and your sound is a combination of 80's electronics with avantgarde melodic solutions. Personally I am more convinced that the capturing melodies that have characterized the 80's are still intended to influence the creativity of artists for more long, long time . What do you think?
> The 80s were a very creative period and gave us some of the greatest melodies and moods, i guess that will inspire future generations of musicians and fans when they discover it.
More than any other element, I feel that in your creations there are many melodic structures highly similar to that of Depeche Mode. Have you been fascinated by their sound strategies to impress their harmonies on your music too?
> Depeche Mode have undeniably influenced my music but I listen to many various styles too, so also all that music has subconsciously affect my work.
Tell us synthetically about your past artistic career and what elements inspired you to create individually your electronic music under the pseudonym "Zynic".
> I startet out in several projects as back-vocalist, I tried various styles but never had enough time in the past to get serious with music, so i decided in 2008 to do it 100% or leave it.
Many of your compositions are created with Olaf Wollschlager, right? How and when was born your cooperation?
> I sent him a demo about in 2009 and we produced three promo-tracks together. Working with Olaf is great, cause we have a similar taste in music and that's important for me for a creative working relationship.
Do you personally prefer playing through analog or digital equipments?
> I prefer yesterdays synths through todays recording equipment. I think the combination of both worlds delivers the best results.
In the lyrics of the songs, do you prefer cold and technological meanings or your texts speak about the feelings and the everyday experiences of the humans with all their frailties?
> Inspiration comes from everywhere. Theres so many strange things going on that it would be a crime to write one lovesong after another.
How long did you take to plan and implement entirely your own album?
> I can't really tell. I wrote songs before Zynic and used some of them on the first album, but most of the tracks where written within the last three years. By the way "Rescue Me" and Absurd Lovesong" were written about twenty years ago...
Have you received a good cooperation and help from your supporting label Conzoom Records in the composition of your albums?
> Conzoom records is specialized on synthpop, its always the best choice to work with people that love what they are doing.
Do you think your music is specifically suited to the the peculiar European listener, or it could potentially arrive overseas?
> I receive a lot of mails from all over the world, even from japan, so I guess it's suitable for all 80's folks and listeners who are not afraid of a sweet melody and some cliche.
Do you think that the current electro scene is too static, saturated with exponents and it need some innovation, or do you believe that it does not require any changes to this sector?
> Its a bit static because its very hard for new artists to get signed or even heard. Labels dont seem to have much interest in presenting new acts. They rather play save and reissue classics or working with the usual suspects.
On stage, do you prefer to perform in front of a small number of participants or you feel at ease even in front of a large audience?
> I didn't play live as Zynic, so you better ask me again next year!
What will be the future for Zynic?
> With the release of My Personal Kryptonite" and Dreams In Black And White" on Sept 16th the "Fire Walk With Me"'s chapter will be closed. I'm already writing new material for a new single in early 2012.
I thank you for your availability and for being with us! Do you want to spend your own thoughts to the readers of Vox Empirea?
> Thanks for sharing your time with me and "mille grazie" to my italian listeners! Zynic loves you!
* (by Maxymox 2011)