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Vox Empirea is a web-soundzine conceived as an instrument of musical information
spreading its views through reviews and interviews on international sectors in nature:
Electro / Electronica / Industrial / EBM / IDM / Synthpop / Electropop / Futurepop / Ambient / New Wave / Post-punk/Dark/Gothic/New-folk/Neoclassical/Martial/Experimental/Avant-garde /
Power-noise/Breakcore. The second purpose, equally important, is the support of the CD physical format, the best one that Vox Empirea currently considers as the best from every point of view. In fact, in our web-pages will not be fully taken into consideration any releases produced and disseminated in downloading format. The opinions expressed by Maxymox in his reviews are the result of a careful and objective evaluation of the disc, opinions that are intended to give at the reader the analysis as unbiased as possible, honest and hopefully constructive.
The visceral music passion and the experience gained by Maxymox over the years are transformed, as well as a brief, in persuasive biography, in accurate descriptions of the disc and the artists, particularly appreciated by those who want an alternative kind of critical, far and different from many laconic and inexpressive reviews on the web. If you share these concepts, you are welcome to Vox Empirea, your new music webzine! Thank you from now to those who routinely use this site contributing with his interest in its expansion: